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Mourinho Hoping Smalling Appear Opposed To Chelsea

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, Henrikh Mkhitaryan quarterback sure could appear in the near future. Mkhitaryan's been absent in seven matches The Red Devils since the Manchester Derby on 10 September.

Mkhitaryan actually already started practicing together with the Manchester Unitedsquad in the last few days. However, Mourinho still did not include the name of the former Borussia Dortmund player was in a match against Fenerbahce, Saturday(20/10/2016).

Mourinho opted to play Jesse Lingard, Juan Mata, and Anthony Martial as an attacking midfielder since the first minute. After that, The Special One enter Memphis Depay which is also a fullback in the second half.

"I play the Lingard together eyes and Martial. I am not Albert Einstein, so don't know the strategy how to play four players the wings together, "Mourinho said after thematch against Fenerbahce Red Devils won 4-1.

"Better for Mkhitaryan to practice as usual and more intensive again, rather than put him on the bench and play it for 15-20 minutes, like I did against Memphis Depay."

Mourinho Hoping Smalling Appear Opposed To Chelsea

In the next game, Manchester United will be a trip to Chelsea in the Premier Leaguecontinued Sunday (23/10/2016). Mourinho did not guarantee will play the match Mkhitaryan.

"For me, it's better he practices on these days, as he has done in the last few days. Iwill see him playing the odds. However, he is ready to play in the near future, "saidMourinho.

Since imported from Dortmund in last summer, the captain of the national team that Armenia recently appeared in five matches of Manchester United. However, Mkhitaryan never played as a core player, so the minute appearance only during the 105-minute with The Red Devils.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, hoping Chris Smalling could recover from injury to appear in a match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, London, Sunday (23/10/2016).

Smalling has appeared since the beginning of the match when the Red Devils won 4-1 win against Fenerbahce in the Europa League group A game at Old Trafford, Manchester on Wednesday (20/10/2016). However, Smalling injury and had to be replaced Marcos Rojo after coming down to drink.

"Feel the pain in their muscles Smalling. We unggull already 3-0 (at the first round)and decided to replace it. Hopefully, he can recover in order to play on this week,"Mourinho said after the match.

The injury became the first experienced Smalling on the 2016-2017 season. The last time the former Fulham player injury occurred on February 22, 2016 and should bepulled over for 13 days because of a shoulder injury.

Mourinho Hoping Smalling Appear Opposed To Chelsea

Smalling has already appeared in 10 games Manchester United on many different event. Of the opportunities under Jose Mourinho, Defender 26 year old that's melakoni total 676 minutes by scoring one goal, which happened in the Premier League.

In Italy the law applies as well: the main thing is the Assertiveness in decision making. The community has a population of 59 million people, countries that often makesthe decision, not because of the feel is definitely true, but rather because they do have to be assertive.

This ever happen in football. Starting from the referee, Pierluigi Collina, a shaved up to world-class coaches, such as Fabio Capello, Giampiero Ventura, and Antonio Conte. Last name became a warm discussion after deciding joined Chelsea.

Chelsea is indeed familiar with the Italy coach. Before Conte, The Blues ever coached Vialli Gianluca, Claudio Ranieri, Carlo Ancelotti, to Roberto Di Matteo.

Then why Conte chose Chelsea frequently unload plug seat coach? Gianluca Vialli, in his work, The Italian Job: A Journey to the Heart of Two Great Footballing Cultures, clearly illustrates the difference in the football culture United Kingdom and Italy.

According to Vialli, football United Kingdom cannot be likened to Italy. Because, for the United Kingdom who laud the quick game, stick with the slow-tempo tactics that often practiced teams of origin Italy really boring.

This is indeed a stark contrast compared to the game if either the United Kingdomwho rely on physical strength, and high tempo. However, there is this difference from the big differences that could affect the outcome of the match.

Typical slow tempo game with Italy may have a special purpose. It is intended to letopponents off guard because frustrated hypnotized gameplay dull. If it is so, they stayed behind the deadly attacks.

In addition, a change of formation not rarely applied in the middle of the match. Each team started with the 3-5-2 or 3-4-3, can be directly transformed into a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2, subject to sharp trainer.

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