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Arsene Wenger: I Am Frustrated Poor Results Against Arsenal

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, reveal a sense of due after The Gunners 1-2 submission of Watford at the weekend the 23rd game of the Premier League (31/1/2017) that took place at the Emirates Stadium.

The defeat of Watford unfortunate because Arsenal has a chance for diluting the difference in points from Chelsea who played a goalless draw with Liverpool.

Wenger should provide direction through tribune audience as it gets fired from theFA, assess if mentally the players Arsenal have not been enough to bring the club into champions.

The Professor hopes if the child asuhnya was able to rise up and be able to give a positive response on the next game.

"I am responsible for the defeat of Watford. I feel very frustrated. We play at home and have the opportunity to grab the victory but we get the results instead. We must provide a response to these negative results, "said Wenger.

Arsene Wenger: I Am Frustrated Poor Results Against Arsenal

"I'm not concerned with our position in the standings. We suffered a defeat and we will give a positive response on the next game.

"We can talk about our position in the League if it manages to grab the victory. I have to prepare the team and learn from this defeat, "said the Manager of origin France.

On the weekend of the 24th Premier League, Arsenal will undergo heavy action witha trip to Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea (4/2/2017). Currently, the Arsenal was in the third position of the standings left behind nine points from Chelsea who was ranked first.

The Liverpool goalkeeper, Simon Mignolet, open votes about Chelsea goals throughfree kicks on David Luiz's 22nd weekend matches Premier League 2016-2017 at Anfield Stadium on Tuesday (31/1/2017) local time. Mignolet pleads not hear whistles so late to anticipate a kick David Luiz.

"I didn't hear the whistle and David Luiz too fast do free kicks. She did well, but I was disappointed with the way it was, "said Mignolet.

In a match that took place at the Anfield stadium that, Chelsea opened the excellence through David Luiz in the 24th minute. It's Brazil midfielder scored through a free kick after utilizing kelengahan Mignolet.

Liverpool then scored a stabilisation at 57 minutes through Georginio Wijnaldum. On 76 minutes, Chelsea get a chance of adding to the advantage after Diego Costa violated.

However, Diego Costa who became the executor failed to do its job. The ball shot Spain midfielder results were successful was denied by Mignolet. Until the game ended, score 1-1 unchanged.

Arsene Wenger: I Am Frustrated Poor Results Against Arsenal

"I love being able to do the rescue. However, still disappointed because we couldn'tgrab the three points. So, I think we are actually more appropriate to grab the three points, "said Belgium goalkeeper it.

One additional points does not change the position of Chelsea at the top of the standings with 56 points. As for Liverpool remain fourth with 46 value currently.

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, claims to be satisfied with 1-draw against Liverpool on match weekends to 23 Premier League-2016-2017, Tuesday (31/1/2017)local time. According to him, could not easily be able to bring home points from Anfield Stadium.

"I think at the end of the match we could have won. However, it was a difficult match because both teams tried to play with intensity. However, I am happy today because seeing the type of match that is different from when it lost to Liverpool at home, "said Conte.

"We had different opportunities to score. However, we should be pleased with the results and the performance of the players. The reason is not easy to play at Liverpool, "said the Manager of the origin of Italy that.

In the game, Chelsea winning first through David Luiz free kick in the 24th minute. Liverpool scored a new stabilisation at 58 minutes through Georginio Wijnaldum.

Chelsea actually got a chance to score again on 77 minutes after Diego Costa violated Joel Matip. However, the Spain midfielder was failing to do its job after the ballwas denied by a brilliant effort results Simon Mignolet.

These results do not change the position of Chelsea at the top of the standings with56 points. In the next game, the original Club West London it will entertain Arsenal at Stamford Bridge, Saturday (4/2/2017).

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