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Arsenal count on Alexis Sanchez to Collapse the goal Watford

Chelsea winning 1-0 over Liverpool until the end of the first half at the 23rd week game of the Premier League at Anfield Stadium, Tuesday or Wednesday (1/2/2017).David Luiz scored Chelsea's goal.

Both teams fielded its best squads in this match. Status as a host, Liverpool tried totake over the game since the early minutes.

Georginio Wijnaldum get space shoot at the Chelsea penalty area in the 12th minute. Alas, his ball can still be denied Chelsea goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtouis.

In the 24th minute, Chelsea success made Liverpool supporter speechless after David Luiz are capable of breaking into goalkeeper Simon Mignolet to change the score1-0. The goal of the offence Lallana against Eden Hazard.

David Luiz who took the free kick's execution was able to exploit the situation of unpreparedness Simon Mignolet. Origin of the Brazil Defender kicks hard to the right-hand corner of The Reds.

Arsenal count on Alexis Sanchez to Collapse the goal Watford

Liverpool conceded increase attacks. However, Chelsea's defence his close, making the players Liverpool difficulty scoring. Score 1-0 ever goes up to the first round is over.

According to Premier Laegue, until the end of the first half, Liverpool relinquished one shot accurately from one experiment, with 65 percent possession. Meanwhile, Chelsea are able to create a golden opportunity from three attempts to the opponent.

Arsenal will face Watford at the weekend of the 23rd game Premier League at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (31/1/2017). Target of full points, The Gunners would rely on Alexis Sanchez for breaking into the goalpost at Watford.

Sanchez will likely be plotted as an attacking midfielder Mesut Ozil and alongside Theo Walcott or Alex Iwobi. Chile national team bombers that became an alternativeif Olivier Giroud who inhabited outpost on front-line experience a deadlock.

Sanchez in the Middle even also onfire on this season. He is entrenched at the top of the list of Premier League top scorer along with Chelsea striker, Diego Costa, with a collection of 15 goals.

Such notes are certainly very wary of Watford goalkeeper, Heurelho Gomes. Because, from the eight matches for Arsenal, he cons conceded 23 goals or more than ninegoals against other clubs in the Premier League.

Arsenal had another good capital admits face Watford. Of the seven matches the last enclosure in the League, Arsene Wenger's troops were only conceded four goals, all of which came from the white point.

Arsenal count on Alexis Sanchez to Collapse the goal Watford

Arsenal currently remain in second position while the Premier League standings with a collection of 47 points. The Gunners left eight figures from pemuncak standings, Chelsea.

The Chelsea midfielder, N'Golo Kanté, Didier Drogba inspired confessed to being aprofessional football player. Therefore, any Kanté intends following the success of King Didier.

"I started my career as an amateur football player. The players of the professional world that makes young players dare to dream and they can also inspire each other, "said Kanté to SFR Sport.

"I then heard the story a matter of Didier Drogba and Adil Rami who started her career from amateur football to become professional players. It is a source of strength and I told myself that if it all possible, despite leading his career from the lowest level, "said France midfielder then.

Just like Didier Drogba, N'Golo Kanté tak had studied at the Academy of football. KANTÉ initiate career alongside Boulogne at the age of 19 years. Two third-level Clubseason, France, Kanté later merged with Caen in 2013. Along with Caen, 169 cm berpostur player that impresses and then a revival of Leicester City.

In his first season, Kanté directly helping The Foxes earned a Premier League 2015-2016. Honor, thus making Chelsea memboyongnya to Stamford Bridge on 16 July 2016.

N'Golo Kanté became an important pillar of Chelsea under the care of Antonio Conte. France midfielder was already record 23 appearances in various event.

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