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Bayern Wants To Play Like Barcelona City

Until entering the eighth Premier League weekend 2016-2017, some players capable of showing the best performance, one was the bomber Manchester United, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Based on the data in the official site of the Premier League, Ibrahimovic is a great player who most frequently opened fire to the opponent. Former Sweden national team captain was recorded doing 39 Spurn.

Of the 39 shots, 13 of which leads to the goal. However, only four opportunities gained by Ibracadabra which ended with touchdowns.

Meanwhile, Philippe Coutinho, Kevin De Bruyne, Theo Walcott, and Sergio Aguero was in the order of two to five the list of players with the most shots amount.

Bayern Wants To Play Like Barcelona City

Coutinho with 31 shots where 11 is right on target, De Bruyne with 29 shots and 10are on target, Walcott with 29 Spurn and 14 led to the goal, as well as Aguero with 28 shots that 13 of them.

Chelsea legend, Pat Nevin, optimistic that Defender David Luiz will be balanced for the rival striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic on between The Blues against Manchester Unitedat Stamford Bridge, Sunday (23/10/2016).

David Luiz were carried off by Chelsea from PARMA on August 31, 2016. Brazil-bornPlayer was already four times strengthen Chelsea. Of the four matches, Luiz success through two games without conceded.

On the other hand, Zlatan Ibrahimovic join MU also from PSG on July 1, 2016. Sweden-born Player that appeared 12 times strengthen THY in all event and had six touchdowns.

"I think Zlatan will deploy its best ability when she underwent a great game," says Nevin.

"Moreover, David Luiz, is a former colleague of Zlatan in the PSG. So, he certainly knows the best way to stop it, "the legend of The Blues added.

The match was later meeting to-175 between both teams. MU 79-time victory. Meanwhile, Chelsea 49 new times wins. the remaining Rangers 53 matches.

Chelsea currently occupy fifth position while the Premier League standings, 2016-2017 package with 16 points. As for Manchester United, was in seventh position with 14 points.

Shared success Barcelona make Manchester City supporters expect much to Pep Guardiola when management appoints him as Manager. However, Pep confirms not want City play like Barca.

Bayern Wants To Play Like Barcelona City

PEP Guardiola is currently still listed as the most successful trainer of all time. 49-year-old man was offered 14 titles during the four seasons of the period was marred with shared Past.

Today, Pep Guardiola has served as Manager of Manchester City. He signed the contract lasts for three seasons on February 1, 2016. So far, the Pep has already strengthened the City eight times in the Premier League, 2016-2017.

As a result, Pep brings City perched on the top of the standings while armed with scoring 19 points, the result of six times, winning once and losing the draw.

"I don't want to play Manchester City like Barcelona. They play their own way depends on the players they have, what's one of the players, "said Guardiola.

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"I want to learn and I want to have your own style game for my players. I want to make sure they play happily and win the game as much as possible. I also want them to be one of the challengers left a champion, "he added.

Manchester City have just swallowed a disastrous 0-4 defeat against Barcelona in the Champions League, 2016-2017 (19/10/2016). Lionel Messi, Barca's victory became a hero by creating the hattrick. As for the other Barcelona one goal, scored by Xavi.

"That's the reason why Manchester City hired me. I want to play in a way that I believe in the players I have. I won't play long because my attacker lures a short, "chimes in Barcelona.

Manchester City will undergo a ninth match in the Premier League 2016-2017 with entertain Southampton in the Etihad Stadium, Sunday (23/10/2016).

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