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Josep Guardiola, Manchester City and a bad Tradition

Stand up, sit down, and then stand again for giving instructions. Once in a while he was just a child when viewing pensive asuhnya unable to move freely. Kala his teamconceded, and the goalkeeper was exposed to a red card, itself can only bestunned.

Just then, he sat down, bowed while scratching the surface of the head that are no longer covered by a lot of hair there. Throughout the 90 minutes, highlight the camera fixed on him, more than the host.

That's the image of the ' activity ' Josep Guardiola while watching troops Manchester City helpless in front of the fleet. On Matchday 3 Group C Champions League 2016-2017, Manchester City defeated with a score of subject, 0-4.

"Very heavy met classmates team Barcelona. But before we play 10 people, the situation still remains open, and we can compete with teams that have great players. Wecan still pressuring, and controlled the match and created several chances. Unfortunately, we were unable to capitalize on the momentum, until it finally had to lose one player, "said Guardiola, in Manchester City's official website.

Josep Guardiola, Manchester City and a bad Tradition

Explanation of the origin of a piece of Bayern. After Barcelona opened the score in the 17th minute through a Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester City game is more dominant. Some opportunities are created, but were able to conquer the goalie Ter Stegen.

Until catastrophe came on 53 minutes. Trying to intercept the ball, goalkeeper Claudio Bravo is not the power to stop the regular way. Finally, the Barcelona ex using the hands to the round leather, intercepted. Alas, he did it outside the box 16 meters.

The result, the red card being the early destruction of the Manchester City game. After that, the birth of three goals from Lionel Messi in the 61 and 69 ', plus one additional minute for his actions before the normal time is completed.

The defeat does not mean doomsday for Manchester City. There is still a chance for revenge of their Epoch's status as host to Barcelona, beginning next month. However, Josep Guardiola had to admit that in fact himself, thus creating the pattern combines tridente tiki-taka, even not able to break the deadlock.

"After the red card that, the match was over. Each party, since cons Celtic, masculinity is always the same. We scored a suicide and failed to capitalize on a penalty. We need some other way to change all the negative side is going on, "explained Guardiola.

Josep Guardiola, Manchester City and a bad Tradition

It's not easy for Bayern to bounce, then revenge in the span of two weeks into the future. In addition to the heavy agenda of the domestic League, Barcelona found its troops not enough consistent challenge to serve Barcelona.

ITV analyst, Roy Keane to call, Manchester City had demonstrated the daring tacticsbut instead blunders. "Manchester City are trying to apply the same scheme, but it is not running, and it makes huge holes in the back line. All of that is reflected fromeach goal in Barcelona, "call the former Manchester United captain.

Keane considers Guardiola has done a fatal mistake by imposing themselves to the rhythm of the offensive. The negative effect is already visible when the first goal happened to Claudio Bravo.

By that time, Alex Kolarov who was helping attack, could not bear to go back aka out of position. After that, the movement of Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez, failed anticipated. As a result, though besieged two players, Real Madrid could still escape, and then ruled the ball, and directing the skin round the corner to the right-hand Bravo.

After playing 10 men, Manchester City's deteriorating condition. The city will have to pay expensive kelengahan the back area with a second goal. When Cristiano Ronaldo escaped the custody of Kevin De Bruyne, the figure of central defender NicolasOtamendi is precisely nothing in place.

The result, Messi has many alternatives to provide feedback, including towards Suarez without escort. Although in the end The Messiah chooses to complete the opportunities of its own.

Josep Guardiola, Manchester City and a bad Tradition

Concentrations that are easily dispersed also became occurrence of two goals in thelast picture. Failure Gundogan complete feeds, making John Stones desperate react.As a result, Real Madrid got a space shoot very dense kala movement is unable to read the back-line Manchester City.

Mercilessly, Messi scored a hattrick. ' Is the more complete the sufferings of Manchester City. He cleverly able to trick John Stones, and send the skin round the corner to the left of goalkeeper Willy Caballero.

As a result, Manchester City and Josep Guardiola had to go home empty-handed. Note the critical fixed on Guardiola. He again failed to conquer his own pattern whenbuilding in Barcelona. According to the former Barcelona, Sergi Barjuan, nowadays El Barca still have 80 percent of the heritage Champions.

During Barcelona's Guardiola for directing able to print 179 victories, 47 and 21 series defeat. While Barcelona are at the hands of Barcelona, they can print 636 goals and conceded 181 goals.

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