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Official Figures Have Astori

Juventus is rumored to have received a request for the price and the deal is expected to take off Atletico Madrid Defender left, Guilherme Siqueira to Juventus Stadium.

As was reported by Sky Sport Italy, Juventus ditelah undertakes the demand of nine million euros (Rp132 billion) from Atletico to have Siqueira.

The Bianconeri could also be paid that money in the summer of 2016 obligatory option, to meet the mempermanenkan ownership after the Brazil midfielder dizinkan borrow throughout the 2015-16.

Now Juventus need only convince Siqueira to want to join them. Because there are some big clubs are also interested to the 29-year-old players, including Paris Saint-Germain.

Siqueira is not the figure that foreigners in Serie a. it was 29-year-old Players had previously played with Internazionale, Lazio, Udinese and Ancona, before continuing his career along with Granada in Spain's La Liga.

Official Figures Have Astori

Atletico Madrid purchased it from Granada at the start of the 2014-15 for 10 million euros to replace Filipe Luis who was invited to Chelsea. Now Luis has been bought back by Los Colchoneros which makes the future uncertain Siqueira.

Juventus never negotiates for the Oscar, he brought from Chelsea. It disclosed the agent Oscar, Giuliano Bertolucci.

Rumors surfaced over word that Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri. He had expressed the admiration against Oscar and claiming to need a creative player to stand behind the striker.

Only, the interest is not actionable management I Bianconeri. "The news of negotiations between Juventus and Oscar unfounded to reality. The talks only in the media,"said Thomas.

"I never talked to (Director Beppe) Marotta and (Fabio Paratici). In addition, Jose Mourinho had no desire to sell the Oscar, "continued Bertolucci.

The Oscars themselves are still bound to a contract with The Blues until 30 June 2019. Based on Transfermarkt, Brazil-born midfielder market value reached 38 million euros (around Rp 558 billion).

Since arriving at Stamford Bridge in the summer of 2012, Oscar success seizing the Trust Manager. He always noted the appearance of over 2,000 minutes in the Premier League every season.

The Inter Milan Defender, Nemanja Vidic constantly, threatened a maximum six-month absence due to have to undergo hernia surgery.

Official Figures Have Astori

Must have undergone the treatment since July 2015, but the conditions do not show an increase. Based on the report of the Corriere dello Sport, he is scheduled to undergo surgery on Wednesday (5/8/2015).

Recovery after hernia operation takes between four or six months. As a worst case scenario, I could use the services of new Nerazzurri Pick again in early 2016.

Although absent in long time would pick believed would remain tough. "He has a strong physique and will be recovered as soon as possible. We are not doctors. So, we just look at it later, "said agent Pick, Silvano Martina.

Physical condition Must at once sparked rumors the termination of contract of management. Moreover, the 33-year-old Defender got considerable salary, i.e. 3.2 million euro per year.

"Inter have always put the respect players. When the time comes, we will discuss the future Pick. However, the most important thing at the moment is healing, "added Martina.

Fiorentina finally has an official replacement for Stefan Savic who resigned to Atletico Madrid. It is a property of Cagliari, Davide Astori.

Astori who spent the season 2014-15 along with AS Roma, failed to convince coachRudi Garcia to want mempermanenkannya. Although the 28-year-old player that played the game pretty much shared the Wolf capital.

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Astori performed as many as 30 matches in all the event together. But contributions are shown for the Giallorossi were not good enough and is seen to be one of the causes of the large number of goals that are nested in the goal itself.

But it is not the intention but Fiorentina to recruit Astori. The original cast of small-scale AC Milan was drawn as a loan with an option for a permanent mandatory in 2015-16.

"ACF Fiorentina announced that the Club has signed a player Davide Astori from Cagliari Calcio as a loan with no obligation to buy," wrote the official Figures in the Club's official website.

"After graduating from the Youth Academy of Milan, he has played in Serie A along with Cagliari and Roma. He also had 10 times the chance to represent Italy along his career scoring one goal, "he continued.

In addition to Fiorentina, Astori briefly approached by Napoli. However, the deal with the player that cannot be accomplished left-handed because the player's image rights issue.

Retro: European Cup Champion Manchester United Italy!

The formation 4-3-1-2 the savory Massimiliano Allegri plenty is mentioned as one of the reasons why Juventus can speak volumes in European club competition last season.

Juventus Champions League final success penetrating the 2014/15, an achievementthat is already 12 years old no they feel. However, in the summer of 2015/16, Allegricould potentially designate uninstall module 4-3-1-2 flagship.

"My choices matter formation depends on how the end of the transfer maneuver. Ido not have to menggeber 4-3-1-2, because the most important rights are adjust to the characteristics of the players, "said Allegri in Tuttosport.

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Tracing the squads that he has now, the scheme of the 4-3-1-2 was rather difficult to implement. The formations that will not run without the fantasy of a trequartista(attacker holes). Until now, Allegri has not also find substitute Arturo Vidal sold to Bayern Munich.

Retro: European Cup Champion Manchester United Italy!

During the pramusim, Allegri plays a 4-3 scheme-1-2 in the party against Dortmund (1-3) and Marseille (0-2). The result is not good, because The Old Lady lost a pair ofsuch action.

Italy would win the Euro 2008! This claim may have come too early, but the origin of the mathematician Roger Kaufmann, Switzerland, had a compelling reason to put forward Gli Azzurri as champions in Austria-Switzerland.

Kaufmann is an accomplished young mathematician. Only eight years after graduating from College, Kaufmann is now a risk manager at AXA Insurance Company.

The thought of giving birth to many important concepts Kaufmann who is now the world's financial and insurance adapted to make predictions. The concept of Kaufmann is a dynamic financial analysis, which can predict the chances of financial success in the future based on factors that have already happened before.

The concept was then developed by Kauffmann became a dynamic sport analysis. The man who loved this sport wear kalkulasinya in the financial world for applied in sports, including football.

Retro: European Cup Champion Manchester United Italy!

With dynamic sport analysis, Kaufmann repeatedly successful predicting opportunities in Switzerland. The team who will be the winner and who designate relegated be foreseen exactly. Ahead of the Euro 2008, Kaufmann estimates challenged any who jawaranya.

Instead Of A Handle

In the exposure that loaded the newspaper Die Welt, Kaufmann estimates the odds of 16 teams to qualify for the Euro 2008 quarterfinals, semifinals, to become a champion. Chances of being champion of the Group also included Kaufmann.

Calculation of the dynamic sport analysis wear team performance data in the past, from the number of victory-defeat earned until the total number of goals made--inflicted on a team. The results describe Italy as a potential champion.

Gli Azzurri 17.6% chance to become champions. The Blue is far ahead of Spain(13.3%), Germany (13.1%), and Czech Republic (11.4%). Kaufmann also spawned opponents Italy in the ultimate game is Germany.

Although the chances of Italy, the winner will not be an easy pass to the quarterfinals because they are in the Group of death. Opportunities Gli Azzurri to qualify for thebig 8 70,2%, only losing to Spain (74,8%), and Germany (74.7%).

"The statistics are very fun to play, but obviously it's not the grip. Football is a sport, not mathematics. I myself is not very happy to see the uncountable Switzerland champion opportunities just 1.8%, "shot Kaufmann.

Because flu viruses attack, Roma could not play captain Francesco Totti and SimonePerrotta in the cage match against Catania on Sunday (20/1). Coach Luciano Spalletti in worrying about it. But, as it turns out I Lupi undisturbed flu attacks.

Retro: European Cup Champion Manchester United Italy!

Roma, who are also without Juan due to injury engkel and Christian Panucci because exposed to penalties accumulated yellow cards, winning 2-0 through goals Ludovic Giuly and Captain Daniele De Rossi's replacement through a penalty. Victory without several key players make Spalletti thrilled.

To keep the distance with the squad such as Inter, we need contributions from all the players and they did that today, "said the coach, a shaved-headed it Datasport was quoted as saying.

Roma can now concentrate more chasing Inter, Juventus third stage Is increasingly lagging behind after just the series 0-0 with Sampdoria. I Lupi and La Vecchia Signora now five different points.

Praise for Roma came from Catania coach Silvio Baldini,. "When they controlled theball, they are the best in Europe. Fortunately Totti absent today, "said Baldini.

Against Real Madrid in the Champions League last 16, next month, Rome must prove I Lupi is the best in Europe.