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Manchester United agreed with Antoine Griezmann?

Manchester United, Manchester Evening News, reported on Wednesday (1/2/2017),has reached a verbal agreement with Atletico Madrid bombers, Antoine Griezmann.The player called will be docked to Old Trafford in a transfer of the summer of 2017.

Since the January transfer window dibukannya 2017, the name of Antoine Griezmann is often associated with a move to Manchester United. Media-media United Kingdom claimed if Jose Mourinho's Club that has prepared a number of uniform for theFrance midfielder.

Rumors removals Griezmann strengthened after media France, Canal Plus, AntoineGriezmann preaches if it has been agreed with the proposed salary value of Manchester United.

Antoine Griezmann reportedly will receive a fee of 290 thousand pound sterling ($ 4.82 billion) per week. That amount is equal to the received Paul Pogba alongside Manchester United this time.

Manchester United agreed with Antoine Griezmann?

According to Canal Plus, Manchester United will issue funds 84 million pounds ($ 1.42 billion) to smooth the process of transferring players aged 25 years. However, Atletico Madrid reportedly has yet to agree with the amount offered.

In addition to Manchester United, Inter Milan is also called interested in getting the signatures of Antoine Griezmann. The injection of investment funds of the Suning Group making big budget features Inter Milan to shop for players at next summer.

Manchester City's Manager, Pep Guardiola could not explain in a clear reason of ' removing ' Claudio Bravo from the position of the goalkeeper when meets West Ham United. On action at the London Stadium, Wednesday (1/2/2017) or Thursday(2/2/2017) early morning EDT, Willy Caballero became a goalkeeper.

PEP Guardiola admitted to not want to make a polemic. He put up Willy Caballero after seeing the preparation and final condition ex Malaga goalkeeper.

Willy Caballero was able to complete a task perfectly. Manchester City is not conceded, and capable of winning 4-0. Four goals was born Kevin De Bruyne action via (17'), David Silva (21 '), Jesus Gabriel (39 ') and penalty Yaya Touré (68 ').

The present situation were afflicted Claudio Bravo gives a lot of questions for the fans of the Premier Soccer League. Bravo recently absent once since coming to the Premier League, and now is in distress.

Manchester United agreed with Antoine Griezmann?

Earlier, some predict the Champions intentionally put Bravo as a backup because ofpoor performance in some of the last party. Understandably, Bravo only once rescue all 2017.

However, CL mentions it as a factor in the subsequent displacement of many Bravo from the position of the main goalkeeper when meets West Ham United. "Bravo hasgood quality, so is Willy. But, there is another factor that makes the performance ofgoalkeeper could have been bad or good. It all happened when how the performance of other partners, "explained Guardiola.

Guardiola revealed, any good goalie will not be able to prevent the occurrence of goals if less defense system running smooth. Bravo only reaped four clean sheets all season. "If no maximum team-mate friends, Bravo will not be able to withstand thegoals," stated Ronaldo.

New Manchester City players, Gabriel Jesus, performing a hit while helping his teamwin 4-0 victory over West Ham United in the Premier League, continued action at the London Stadium, Wednesday or Thursday (2/2/2017) early morning GMT.

Gabriel Jesus contributed one goal and an assist, while Toure Yaya and printed the rest of David Silva.

Gabriel Jesus scored the first goal on 39 minutes after utilizing bait Raheem Sterling.Earlier, Gabriel Jesus give assists to gol Davd Silva in the 17th minute.

Despite the win, Manchester City have not budged from the fifth ranking standingswhile. Manchester City are collecting 46 points from 23 matches, linked to 10 digitsfrom Chelsea who occupy the first position.

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