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Klopp Sure Sturridge Would End The Fast Goals

Tottenham Hotspur failed to bring home the team maximum points while on a trip to the headquarters of AFC Bournemouth, Goldsands Stadium, on follow-up action Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (22/10/1999). Meki continue to attack, Spurs failed to penetrate the nets after game to Bournemouth.

The results of this draw makes Bournemouth rises to ninth position with grabbed 12 points. Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur remained in third position with package 19 points.

Host AFC Bournemouth performing with the 4-5-1 and rely on Joshua King as sole striker. As for Tottenham Hotspur, using the formation 4-3-3. Manager Mauricio Pochettino Trident mnurunkan Christian Eriksen, Erik Lamela, and Son Heung-Min in line of attack.

The match was balanced on the first run. Both teams are equally developed the game open. As a result, many opportunities are created. Host Bournemouth became the first get the opportunity.

And Gosling cannoned a breakthrough into the heart of Tottenham Hotspur Defender. The ball of the right foot shot was greeted Charlie Daniels from close range. The ball tipped wide by goalkeeper Hugo Lloris is capable of.

Klopp Sure Sturridge Would End The Fast Goals

Bournemouth back getting chance at 15 minutes. Accepting the bait breakthrough Jack Wilshere, Callum Wilson opened fire from close range left foot into the left corner of the net. However, the ball tipped wide by Hugo Lloris was able to return.

The best chances of Tottenham Hotspur on the first round occurred in the 31st minute. Christian Eriksen left foot opened fire from outside the penalty box. However, the ball was able to able to saved goalkeeper Artur Boruc. The score remained goalless after the first leg.

Tottenham Hotspur tried increasing the intensity of storms at the beginning of the second half. The match stepped on 61 minutes, Tottenham's chances of getting through the actions of Son Heung-min. Shot his right foot from close range able to Boruc denied.

Dany Rose almost brought Tottenham Hotspur break the deadlock on 76 minutes.United Kingdom origin players that right foot shot from the left side. However, the ball that led to the right-hand corner capable by Boruc.

Tottenham's chances of getting back a match live leaving only four more minutes. Right foot shot just wide of Christian Eriksen thin on the right side of the net, the Score goalless unchanged until the game is over.

Klopp Sure Sturridge Would End The Fast Goals

Premier League Tottenham Hotspur, alerts you have 61 percent of possession and four opportunities of six experiments. As for the, Bournemouth has two opportunities.

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Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge, is experiencing famine. However, the Manager ofThe Reds, Jurgen Klopp, is optimistic that United Kingdom origin players will rediscover the first in scoring.

Daniel Sturridge to currently create goals for Liverpool in the Premier League this season. Former Chelsea penggawa it slotted two goals from seven matches with The Reds. He creates goals as The Reds beat Burton Albion in the second round of the League Cup, United Kingdom (23/8/2016).

"I know how the feeling of Sturridge. Sometimes goals easily come to him, but there is a difficulty when he did that, "said Klopp.

"There's always a moment where I thought Sturridge had a chance good to print. Although in the end it's not the case, but he had to keep fighting, "he added.

Klopp assessing events that Sturridge is equal to a former asuhnya at Borussia Dortmund, Robert Lewandowski. Since scoring against Greece on 8 June 2012 in 2012 European Championship, Lewandowski was no longer fertile together. He was expected to return to the national team scored a goal, that is, on June 30, 2016i.e. againstPortugal in the euro 2016.

"Just look at Lewandwoski, there are times where he takes a long time to print. Sometimes I can't believe why it happened, "Klopp dial plan.

Daniel Sturridge has an opportunity to create its first goal in the Premier League while Liverpool 2016-2017 entertain West Bromwich Albion at Anfield Stadium, Saturday (22/10/1999).

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