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How bad is the performance of Liverpool in January 2017?

Liverpool suffered a bad period after failing to achieve a perfect match points that took place in January 2017. In fact, the result of a minor that became their worst since the era of the Premier League.

Liverpool was only able to grab the one victory out of a total of nine matches in various event. The series 1-0 against third-tier League clubs United Kingdom, PlymouthArgyle, in the repeated match of the third round of the FA Cup, at the Home Park Stadium, 19 last January.

In the eight matches remaining, Liverpool swallows four defeats and four draw. In the last match, Liverpool succumbed 1-2 from Wolverhampton in the FA Cup, Saturday (28/1/2017).

Since the era of the Premier League, before the period January 2017, the average winning percentage of Liverpool during the period recorded of 45.1 percent. Now, they are only noted 14.7 percent after experiencing various results disappointing.

How bad is the performance of Liverpool in January 2017?

Liverpool also had experienced the same situation in the season 1992-1993 and 2008-2009, when they were only able to grab the one victory out of a total of five matches. Liverpool now has decreased almost doubled in the period January 2017.

With this minor entry, Liverpool's chances of winning the Premier League 2016-2017, leaving 15 games again, ever more shrinking. Liverpool linked to 10 digits from Chelsea who are at the top of the table in the meantime.

"It's not being a good January and it makes the opportunity (to win the League) actually decreased. In my opinion, they should be able to beat Chelsea so it can give them, as well as other clubs, opportunities"said the former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher.

Liverpool played 1-against Chelsea at the weekend of the 23rd game Premier League at Anfield Stadium, Wednesday (1/2/2017). Georginio Wijnaldum scored both Liverpool goals, while Chelsea written David Luiz. The match was tinged failure DiegoCosta to execute a penalty.

How bad is the performance of Liverpool in January 2017?

"The title champion might be a distant dream now. You are certainly hoping Arsenalcan beat Chelsea at the end of this week and after that maybe we would have a little talk about this opportunity, "Jamie Carragher added.

Chelsea players, Eden Hazard, comparing the style trained Antonio Conte with JoseMourinho. According to Hazard, Conte more emphasis to focus on tactics and increasing portion of the exercise.

Eden Hazard dealt with Jose Mourinho in the period 2013-2015. In that period, the Hazard of success delivering Chelsea grabbed the trophy the Premier League in the season 2014-2015.

However, Jose Mourinho to end his career at Stamford Bridge per December 17, 2015 after a sequence of bad results are received. At that time, Chelsea got the predicate as a defending champion with the worst Premier League.

Chelsea then signed interim coach Guus Hidink to the end of the 2015-2016 season.Enter the 2016-17 season, Roman Abramovich appoints Antonio Conte as new nahkoda The Blues.

Hazard sensing a significant difference regarding the approach done Mourinho andConte. According to the Belgium midfielder, Conte very close attention to detail andsuperior in sharpening tactics game.

"We continue to hone tactics and trying to play the right position in the scheme of the game. Conte directs the movement of the players carefully and in detail. Chelsea's players know what they have to do on the field, "clear the Hazard.

How bad is the performance of Liverpool in January 2017?

"In the meantime, Mourinho has a gaming system but not often honed that systemin a practice session. Mourinho's more freeing players to be creative on the field.

"In the era of Mourinho, I often coordinate with Matic and widened, while playing along with Conte, I just have to get ready to lead the attack turning because there isMarcos Alonso that will penetrate through the sides of the field," said Hazard.

The result of the cold hands of Conte is already visible on the standings while the Premier League. Until the weekend, Chelsea still leads the Bundesliga with 56 points,winning nine points from nearest rivals, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.

In the next match, Chelsea meets Arsenal at the weekend will be the weekend the 24th Premier League at Stamford Bridge Stadium, Saturday (4/2/2017). If it is to win the game, Chelsea's chances to secure the Premier League title will be wide open.

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