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Chelsea and the story behind the Assertiveness Antonio Conte

Conte coached Chelsea replacing Guus Hiddink's position with a three-year duration of the contract. Armed with impressive experience along with Juventus, the presence of former coach of Siena that gives new hope to the London Team which had experienced the Blue tide performance.

"Sin" which left Jose Mourinho was unable to removed Hiddink who served as interim manager until the end of the 2015-2016 season. They had to settle for a positionfinish in the 10th that means absent in the Champions League or the Europa League.

For Conte, Chelsea are certainly not foreign clubs. Along with Juventus, he has twicefaced The Blues in the Champions League for 2012-2013. At that time, Juventus grabbed one victory and one draw.

Armed with these results, it is natural if Conte is considered already can guess the line of defense was the main problem. 47-year-old manager was immediately asked for a new Central Defender to the club management.

Kalidou Koulibaly, Kostas Manolas, Lamine Kone, became the target of the game. However, in the end third and Chelsea failed to recruit is surprisingly even brought Marcos Alonso and David Luiz on the day of the closing of the stock transfer.

Chelsea and the story behind the Assertiveness Antonio Conte

Aware of her wishes fulfilled, Conte failed to rotate the brain to find the fitting scheme by using the legacy players from previous managers. Here's how by trying to tack in addition to 3-5-2 formation, which has become a mainstay at Juventus andItaly's national team.

On the three early Premier League match 2015-2016, Conte had to remain successful. With the 4-1-4-1, 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3, Chelsea managed to grab the victory. However, this situation turns out like a short honeymoon.

Inter started in the fourth week when Chelsea into the Liberty Stadium, the home ofSwansea City, 11 September. The Blues spotted The Swans face a difficulty which at the time also raised Italy coach, Francesco Guidolin.

Use the formation of 3-5-2, Swansea was able to stop the step of Chelsea after playing 2-2. Interestingly, only against Chelsea, the formation implement Guidolin inasmuch as in the previous three matches he played a 4-3 scheme-3 or 4-2-3-1.

However, even though it got a "warning", Conte managed to remain thus plays scheme 4-1-4-1 in the next game. As a result, again, The Blues reap bad results, even more devastating because they yield 1-2 from Liverpool, and 0-3 from Arsenal.

In the two games that Chelsea back line, looks very porous without the presence ofJohn Terry, who suffered the injury. Meanwhile, the duo of Gary Cahill and David Luiz haven't quite often make mistakes because the ECE elementary.

Such is the case with Branislav Ivanovic that are often late to retreat due to the preoccupation of the Chelsea attack helped right-wing. The situation gets explained, the main issue in Chelsea is pertahahan Conte.

"We are still looking for solutions in the midfield defense. Because we failed to get the maximum results in the last three games. This is a valuable lesson, "said Conte, after the game against Arsenal.


In the end, Italy as the finality Conte also speaks. The two defeat the increasingly strengthened hearts the Manager if he could not fulfill the lust of The Blues fans who crave attacking football.

3-4-3 then went back into the options. Azpilicuetta, Luiz, and Cahill are placed in the line of the back. Marcos Alonso, Kanté, Matic, and Victor Moses fill midfield, whileEden Hazard, Diego Costa, and Willian in the front row.

Chelsea and the story behind the Assertiveness Antonio Conte

Despite starting the match with a slow tempo, Chelsea successfully grasping three numbers. The Londoners winning 2-0 thanks to a goal Wllian and Costa. The same tactic is applied to the next game against Leicester City.

The results are predictably back. Chelsea again reap the full points after winning 3-0. This formation is considered to have made a few team players London Blue was able to pull out the best capabilities, one of which Eden Hazard.

"We also played this kind of system in the national team. For a striker, this system allows us to have a lot of freedom. This is a great system for Chelsea, "said Hazard.

Bonucci Solution?

Thus, whether the team two victories against Hull City and Leicester, as well as the formation of 3-4-3 are already a solution? Of course yet. The reason, Conte still looking for fullbacks who rated the ideal scheme would game ala Italy.

According to media-media United Kingdom, after losing 0-3 Arsenal, Chelsea's owner, Roman Abramovich, is rumored to direct a meeting with Conte in Cobham. In that occasion, Conte else ask for Abramovic to recruit Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus Defender.

For Conte, Bonucci certainly not foreign players because it never works the same as a player and coach at Juventus. 29-year-old defender was also one of the key players when Conte offered four consecutive Serie A titles in the range 2011-2014.

Conte can clearly strengthen the reason for bringing the presumed Bonucci would be the ideal replacement of John Terry. In addition to the tough defender at the back, the origin of Italy that had a soul of leadership similar to Terry.

It's just hard work mandatory, Chelsea brought Bonucci. In addition to still bound toa contract until June 30, 2020, Juventus already will not easily pull off the player. Inevitably, Chelsea management has to be willing to menggelontorkan the big funds.

And then, what if the desire back are not met? One thing is certain, Juventus never felt the firmness of the Manager if the Club's transfer policy is talking about.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sports, one of the causes of Conte resigned from Turin because of the upset against the step I Bianconeri melego Arturo Vidal to BayernMunich in 2014. This decision illustrates the original character it forced Conte as Italy.

Some time ago, the alarm had already read in London. After meeting with Abramovic, had appeared intent on Conte news leave Stamford Bridge since the start of the Club's transfer policy with a sultry, though ultimately refuted The Blues management.

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