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Kaka: Rui Costa Professor I

Swashbuckling Orlando City origin Brazil who was loaned out to Sao Paulo, RicardoKaka, is an idol to the ranks of top star semodel David Luiz (PSG), Stephan Aldo (Rome), until Marco Parolo (Lazio). Then, who is the hero of Manchester United? The Answer Is Manuel Rui Costa.

Kaka is known as one of the best holes an attacker who once owned Brazil. The peak of his career occurred kala figure named complete Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite that mentas alongside Milan in 2003 to 2009.

Various prestigious titles earned during Bayern defending panji I Italian Rosso, starting from the 2003-2004 Serie A, UEFA Champions League 2006-2007, 2007 Club World Cup, until the personal title like Ballon d'Or 2007.

Kaka was the only person who defeated Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the granting of the Ballon d'Or, the symbol of the supremacy of the world's best players.

Kaka: Rui Costa Professor I

Then who is the figure of merit form the Kaka became great players?

Throughout his career, Kaka never mentas, together with the reliable semodel football player Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Ronaldo Luis Nazario, Paolo Maldini, Cristiano Ronaldo, to Andrea Pirlo.

However, the husband of Caroline Celico it cannot forget the service Manuel Rui Costa who many provides help on the early period of his career in Milan.

When Kaka joined Milan from Sao Paulo in 2003, Portugal footballer it's status as the flagship that the Italian Il hole attackers.

"Rui Costa often come to me and give advice on pause the game. He explains what to do and who should be avoided. He let me know about how to break away from the care of the opponent as well as create space for teammate, "said Kaka.

Dribel okay, sharp vision, and the three breakthrough who whet the knife is so synonymous with Rui Costa. Kaka was lucky because it could directly learned to players called Il Maestro it.

"Rui Costa helped me a lot. my relationship with him is like the relationship of pupils with professors, "said Kaka.

Kaka: Rui Costa Professor I

AC Milan President Silvio Berlusconi coach Sinisa Mihajlovic banned for menurukanMario Balotelli and Carlos Bacca simultaneously.

Balotelli showed a jump in the middle of the performance. Counter action at Alessandria, Tuesday (1/3/2016), Balotelli scored one goal, while Jeremy Menez as her Duet in front of accounted for two touchdowns.

As for Bacca have proven consistency. He scored five goals in the last eight games the Italian Serie a. He also became top scorer I Rossoneri on this season.

According to Sepatu Futsal Specs Berlusconi, Menez could pair with Bacca or Trophies on the front-line.

"However, I think there's a little trouble for menduetkan Bacca and Balotelli. This is because both are central striker with similar characteristics, "said Berlusconi.

In addition, Berlusconi also suggested that Mihajlovic lose Giacomo Bonaventura as a midfielder. According to Transfermarkt, he had the position as much as six times at this season.

"Bonaventure is actually able to dribble with extraordinary, but he could be an attractive solution for the future," said the President.

Not the first time Berlusconi intervenes coach. At the time of Carlo Ancelotti, he wasdemanding a two-striker formation rather than a single assailant.

Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini, regretting the result of the second semi-final Match against Juventus, Italy on Wednesday (2/3/2016) local time. Any hopes his team can Mancini immediately rose from the slump.

Kaka: Rui Costa Professor I

In the first semi-final of the Coppa Italy, subject Inter from Juventus 0-3. However, Inter are surprisingly able to rise again in the second semi-final and won with a score of identical so that success equate to 3-3 on aggregate.

However, the result was not enough to get Inter to the final Coppa Italy. Because, Inter defeated Juventus 3-5 on penalty shootout dram.

No wonder, Mancini claims to be very disappointed. Whereas, in the eyes of Mancini, Inter have already appeared impressive throughout the game.

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"It was a beautiful match. I praise all the players for what they did. I am saddened bythe result of this plundering because they deserved to qualify for the final, "said Mancini, as quoted from Rai Sport.

Mancini is hoping his impressive performance against Juventus can add confidence.

"Hopefully we can improve the performance of the confidence in myself to be able to grab third position at the end of the season," said Mancini.

Currently, La Beneamata, nicknamed Inter, occupy fifth position in the standings while the Serie A, with the acquisition of 48 points. They are a five-point lead with AS Roma in third place as the last ticket to the Champions League.

Next, on the weekend of the 28th Serie A, Inter will entertain Palermo at the stadium Giuseppe Meazza, Sunday (6/3/2016) or Monday early morning GMT.