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The new uniforms 20 Premier League Clubs 2016-17 (part 3)

the 20 Premier League clubs continue to make preparations ahead of the Premier League just 2016-17. Preparation that consists of pre match schedule season, looking for new players, up to release uniform cage-away will they wear at next season.

Manchester United (MU) became the last Club to launch a third away uniform will be subjected to Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his friends. The following are the 20 new uniforms will be worn throughout the clubs Premier League 2016-17 (part III):

15. Sunderland

There is not much change in the uniform of a new enclosure for the season Sunderland 2016-17. This time, Jeremain Lens and his friends still use uniforms with distinctive livery, red and white, who has become a symbol of the Club since tens of years ago.

The new uniforms 20 Premier League Clubs 2016-17 (part 3)

The difference is most noticeable on the part color for the logo of Adidas and threelines on the shoulders. If in the previous season on the part that is black and white, for the next season, Adidas specifically gives golden color so impressed more elegant.

16. Swansea City
Swansea City Coop new uniform looks more simple with the dominant color is white. If in the previous season, they combined the colors of gold and white, this time, as the main sponsor of Joma equipment The Swan, changing the design of the collarand shoulder line.

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5. Tottenham Hotspur
Arguably the new Tottenham Hotspur uniform for the next season very interesting at the standpoint of eyes. V-neck collar shape combined with black design at the shoulders, and the color combination of black and gold under sleeves make uniform Spurs quite elegant.

18. Watford
One of the interesting things in uniform later Watford is a major sponsor of their gear-shaped "D" which is the Dryworld logo. In the Premier League next season, Watford are the only clubs that use the services of the Canada companies.

19. West Bromwich Albion
In the next season, West Bromwich Albion (WBA) will wear uniforms that are still dominated by the color dark blue and light blue. The uniform looks more simple. In addition, part of the collar are given the color light blue also got a change to the shape of the snap.

20. West Ham United
Uniform later West Ham United is still dominated by the color red a maroon plus color light blue. However, the most striking differences are seen at the collar and the sleeve under the uniform would be worn Dimitri Sequin and coauthors.

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