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The new uniforms 20 Premier League Clubs 2016-17 (part 2)

Just weeks ahead of the 2016-17 season, the 20 Premier League clubs to date has prepared a variety of things, ranging from pre match schedule season, looking for new players, up to release uniform cage-away will they wear at next season.

Manchester United (MU) became the last Club to launch a third away uniform will be subjected to Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his friends. The following are the 20 new uniforms will be worn throughout the clubs Premier League 2016-17 (part II):

8. Leicester City

Leicester, which will be as the defending champion, would wear uniforms with newer more modern design on next season. Sports equipment company of origin Germany, Puma, still become a sponsor and ornate gold livery will be visible in some parts of the uniform.

The new uniforms 20 Premier League Clubs 2016-17 (part 2)

Some parts of the design of the gold will be aligned with the Manchester United Premier League logo mounted on the uniform sleeve Leicester. Understandably, as defending champion, Jamie Vardy and his friends will wear uniforms with logos coloured gold base of Premier League.

9. Liverpool
Liverpool released uniform cage 2016-17 on May 9. Broadly speaking there is no difference. Red color combined with gold design and lapel buttons remains the choice of the New Balance that uniform sponsorship Jurgen Klopp's team squads.

10. Manchester City
Manchester City's new uniforms for next season is designed with a classic feel. Change the logo and details the darker blue color being characteristic of new colors for the coat of arms of the Club. Such is the case with the collar design this time carrying the style of jerseys.

11. Manchester United
Red remains the dominant color in the uniform of the new enclosure. However, there are some new designs, one of which is two different color gradations, crimson redand scarlet red, which was inspired by the uniform of Newton Heath LYR Football Club, first name MU when standing in 1878.

The new uniforms 20 Premier League Clubs 2016-17 (part 2)

12. Middlesbrough
In the next season, Middlesbrough will wear the uniforms that the difference from the previous season are noticeably thicker. This time, the design of The Boro got thechange of the pattern of the oblique line on the bottom of the uniform. Red is still the dominant color of the uniform.

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13. Southampton
Uniform cage above only Southampton still diesain stripes of red and white that became the hallmark of the Club. However, after obtaining new sponsors, namelyUnder Armour, uniforms of The Saint squad gets a different design on the front of the uniform, collar, sleeves and bottom.

14. Stoke City
In the next season, Soke City emphasizes the nuances of retro home and away uniforms in 2016-17. Notable differences this time there are times on the away uniformsthat use plain white logo as also found in the 1882 season Stoke uniform logo.

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