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The new uniforms 20 Premier League Clubs 2016-17 (part 1)

Premier League 2016-17 will be rolling in a couple of weeks ahead. A number of clubs also prepare a variety of things, ranging from pre match schedule season, looking for new players, up to the release of the uniforms they wore at Manchester Unitednext season.

Specifically for uniforms, Manchester United (MU) became the last Club to launch a third away jersey will be charged Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his friends. Earlier, Jose Mourinho's squad that has released the uniform cage on Saturday (23/7/2016).

In addition to the Red Devils, some of the other clubs, such as Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, and Burnley have also released theirnew uniforms. The following are the 20 new uniforms will be worn the clubs Premier League participant 2016-17.

The new uniforms 20 Premier League Clubs 2016-17 (part 1)

1. Arsenal
The Gunners still use traditional colors, namely red and white uniform in their new enclosure for the 2016-17 season. However, Puma, as major sponsor of Arsenal, making some design changes, one of them a line on the front of the chest part of the uniform.

2. Bournemouth
Black and Red is still the dominant color of the uniform later became Bournemouth.However, the difference this time with uniform the previous season was a much longer line of design up to the shoulder and side parts, the shape of the collar, to the gold line on the shoulder to sleeve.

3. Burnley
At first glance, the new uniform is indeed similar to the Burnley property of Aston Villa. The uniform dominated the color Indigo and light blue on the front and shoulder to the side. Meanwhile, the only white in uniform that is present on the part of the sponsor in the future.

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4. Chelsea
The uniform upgrade for any Chelsea no less elegant. In fact, this time, Adidas is specifically eliminate typical design three lines on the back up to the collar. Notable differences are visible on the display pattern of the lion (part of the coat of arms of the Club) in some of the main part of the uniform.

The new uniforms 20 Premier League Clubs 2016-17 (part 1)

5. Crystal Palace
The most striking difference in uniform Crystal Palace look at the strip. Though still using their oversized color, i.e. red and blue, on the front and back of the uniform, the blue line this time has a width greater than the previous uniforms.

6. Everton
New uniforms this season at Everton, arguably very interesting at the standpoint ofeyes. Color yellow with blue and white, which was the color of the greatness of TheToffess, made the classic feel of thick felt. The difference with last season's uniformalso was found on part of the collar.

7. Hull City
Hull City recently released their home uniforms on Monday (25/7/2016). In addition to the new sponsor, gets The Tigers Squad also did some design changes, the most noticeable one is present on the part of the collar and the artificial that Umbro uniforms.

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