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Profile: Subhan Faidasa, Asa New From West Java

Although Subhan stature that is not too big yet, born in Bandung has a typical game that almost every team is required i.e. powerful when mastered the ball with a great vision of the game, have a strong left leg kicks and sharp scoring instinct makes him in nobatkan as the top score of the student League of Futsal event 2015 held inGOR C-Tra Arena Bandung , West Java.

Profile: Subhan Faidasa, Asa New From West Java

Coach Panca Fauzi is regarded as the most influential men's futsal career against 21-year-old it. Do not want to menyianyiakan his talent, Panca Fauzi always include Subhan into teams which he trained from the start Porda futsal, Futsal Bandung Bandung FSL 2015, up to now the team Futsal POUND Western Java in prepare for the upcoming 2016 POUND title.

"Thank God many influential in my career, coaches coach all the teams I have ever bela all highly influential senior  then my senior in the team as well. But a very influential is coach Panca Fauzi because he who first introduced me to the world of professional futsal and develop me so players are better, "he continued.

Become a professional futsal player has accomplished former player Trunajaya, but the team has accomplished that doesn't make him satisfied until here, Subhan wants to continue to hone his ability to the international level together with the national team of Indonesia.

"I do not want complacency with what earned. The reply target nearest his own gold medal can POUND the hell create Jabar and incoming national team for the long term and Excel in international futsal with my national team, "

Asked which player becomes his idols in play futsal, the first child of three brothersname Randy Warrior play for IPC Pelindo II, Jakarta and Indonesia national football team.

"Idol futsal mah Randy" Biroe21 "the Knights even though he has been one of the superb talent of futsal but stay humble,"

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Profile: Subhan Faidasa, Asa New From West Java

Heavy activity in the futsal world make no retainer Antam Kutim which became the runner up in the National Sepatu Futsal Championship Gato 2015 it will forget his educationas a student at the high school of Economics Equity Bandung, and he spoke not hypocritical to make the futsal as a job in the future.

"Yeah Nah fully focus futsal as well, since education remains the main, now still in college so still futsal hobby create adds adds College if there is rezekinya, while still in college. If you've graduated kan certainly required work. But ga is also hypocritical of us to make job bias futsal origin kitanya focus and total toward futsal, "added theman singing hobbi.

"My hope in the future hopefully FIFA sanctions make Indonesia revoked let Barcelona futsal can be accomplished again in international perfutsalan and organizing thefutsal League Indonesia could be better again."

"I was younger still have much to learn, to young players do not settle quickly, don't be shy asking seniors and individual exercise banyakin kalo ga there is a workout schedule with the team and the last one must remain humble," demolished.

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