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Mourinho Would dispose of 8 players Man United

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, is ready to commit major changes at skuadnya. Mourinho is rumored to be throw out 8 players in two periods of stocktransfers to the front.

Man United has just swallowed a 1-2 defeat of Fenerbahce advanced on the Europa League group stage, Thursday (3/11/2016). The result was a whopping 5 for 17 fromthe Joint Action Against Man United.

After the match, Mourinho said the Beavers with players not ready mentally, unfocused, and lost konsentasi.

Mourinho seemed to lose his patience because of the results it makes Man United failed to record a victory in three matches.

According to the Telegraph, Mourinho has been pocketing the 8 players who are not logged in the plan skuadnya. Eight players were Marcos Rojo, Matteo Darmian, Phil Jones, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Morgan Schineiderlin, and Michael Carrick.

Memphis Depay and Ashley Young is said to be on loan to other clubs.

Mourinho Would dispose of 8 players Man United

Schweinsteiger is rumored to be leaving Old Trafford in January 2017, even thoughthe Germany midfielder gaek origin have been training with the team for the first time after being exiled for 2 months.

So too with Darmian is allowed to go. The Italy midfielder was rumored would continue his career at Inter Milan.

While Depay may go with the status of loan players in the winter transfer.,

At the beginning of the season, Mourinho has spent 145.7 million pound sterling to recruit Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Eric Bailly, and Paul Pogba.

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He then took off six players i.e. Paddy Blackett, Tyler McNair, Donald Love, Victor Valdes, Nick Powell, and Will Keane.

Except Bailly, rekrutan Mourinho has yet to provide a big impact to the team. See just how Red Devils blasted into the 8th ranking standings while the Premier League.

Mourinho Would dispose of 8 players Man United

In addition, Mourinho is also more a lot of acting. Recently, he snagged 2 cases of indispliner with regard to his attitude towards the referee.

The verdict was the first to appear is the one-party as well as a fine of skors 8,000 pounds ($ 130 million) as the pengusirannya action in the aftermath of the cons Burnley (29/10/1999).

Meanwhile, the second decision concerns the FA comments Mourinho against Anthony Taylor, the referee a match Man United versus Liverpool FC (17/10/1999).

Above this comment, Mourinho was fined 50,000 thousand pounds and imposed heavier penalties gets a warning if similar incidents happen.

When the value is added, the former Real Madrid coach was rewarded a fine 58,000 pounds ($ 942.8 million) and the prohibition of accompanying children asuhnya against Swansea City in the Premier League continued Sunday (6/2/2016).

Liverpool FC striker, Roberto Firmino, warned his team that they haven't won any, despite leading his season with impressive appearance.

The Red is currently ranked 3rd in the standings while the Premier League by collecting 23 points. Their number is equal to the acquisition of Manchester City and Arsenal are in the 2 large.

In addition to pocketing the same points, the three teams have a record of a similarappearance. Of the 10 games, third team collecting 7 WINS, 2 draws, results and 1 defeat.

Therefore, Firmino looked competition title is still tight. Brazil midfielder asks his team remain focused so that it could continue to be in the path of a champion.

"If we do not continue to be on line until the end of the season, no one else will remember us and we will not achieve anything," said Firmino in the Club's official website.

"We must continue to be on line until the end of the season. We have yet to achieveanything, "he said.

Furthermore, Liverpool will entertain Watford on Sunday (6/2/2016). On paper, Liverpool was seeded.

If the last game 3 when referring to entertain Watford at Anfield, Liverpool always win and clean sheet record.

Mourinho Would dispose of 8 players Man United

Everton brought a talisman of luck in a visit to the headquarters of Chelsea on matchday 11 Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (5/2/2016) or Sunday early morning GMT. The figure is the coach, Ronald Koeman.

Not wrong it feels if Everton rely on Ronald Koeman to grab three points at Stamford Bridge. Because the Netherlands, man was never defeat saban brings his team to there.

Already three times on a trip to the home of Chelsea Koeman together with two different teams. The breakdown was once with Valencia and two along with Southampton.

The results obtained was satisfactory. Koeman's team brought home 2 tie and one victory.

The first time that Koeman into Chelsea's House is at the group stage of the Champions League 2007-2008 together with Valencia. The duel ended goalless.

Koeman back should pay a visit to Stamford Bridge on March 15, 2015, this time together with Southampton. Again, he gets one point after the game led to 1-1.

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