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14 Tips and strategies Futsal (Part 2)

Futsal is a sport that is up-tempo, the situation in the field can quickly change. In futsal, successive attacks often we come across. Players must keep in focus and quick in analyzing the situation.

For that understanding of the strategy of futsal is urgently needed. Good players are not only sharp in the scoring, but must also be sprightly in the last. If a team onlycontains the reliable players attacked, security goal will be very vulnerable. Instead,when it only contains players with the ability to survive, the team will be difficult deciding which was the goal of creating the ultimate outcome of the match.

On article 25 tips and strategies part 1 futsal have been discussing what you shoulddo when attacked. To complement the arsenal of strategies, this part 2 article will present tips in the last.

The following tips to improve your survival:

14 Tips and strategies Futsal (Part 2)

Tips for surviving

17. the aggressive. The opponent did not try as much as possible to maintain the ball. Likewise you also seeks wherever possible captured the ball from an opponent'smastery. Survive more emphasis on attitude than technique. Instill in your self for trying to snatch the ball with all your abilities and became the most formidable players in the defence team.

18. Strong when ambushed the ball. The ball when opposing players interceptors not controlled the ball well, but you need to look at the incredible detail in the ambush. Interceptors with smart instead of brutally.

19. Don't give your opponent's thinking time. Create distance you care about half a metre from the opponent, in order to narrow down the time thinking opponents. Don't be hasty gesa to steal the ball, when mastery of the ball should be immediatelyunbalanced movement stole the ball.

20. avoid losing sight of the ball against opponents. Position the body in a position which makes you able to keep an eye on the ball and the movement of the opponent in a single view. In the circumstances, the view is very important. Of course you don't want your opponent to get away from your surveillance and mencitpakan goals.

21. navigate your opponent. In survive do not let the opponent broke through a gap with ease. Always point the player who holds the ball towards the side of the field.This position is more favourable for defence because of the close proximity of the line out, the precarious situation when you can secure the ball out of the field.

22. No word breaks in the last. The player must continue to be vigilant because the opponent will be looking for a gap to print the numbers.

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14 Tips and strategies Futsal (Part 2)

23. Confronts the views to the fore. Time back kepoisis survive, all players must immediately confronts the future view of opposing players will be hard to break through the defence when the ball is on the view.

24. Keep the closest opponent. When your opponent that you keep moving towardsremote area of your teammates, talk to request the substitution of babysitting. This strategy is very efficient when facing a team that was active in the movement without the ball.

25. Communication. Be strong defence with communication between players at the moment.

Well, 25 tips and strategies above (with minor changes) comes from "FUTSAL: technical and tactical concept" by Dr. Daniel Berdejo-Del-Frenso, Jhonathan Steel, and David Jennings.

Hopefully this article can help develop the capability as well as add to your understanding of futsal. Keep Futsal Zone Indonesia, there are still other useful tips-tips.

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