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This Suggest Conte Nganjuk Agents Leave Italy National Team

Sinisa Mihajlovic successfully passes the last two games Milan in 2015 with a victory.However, his position was never secure.

Miha bring I the Rossoneri qualify for the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italy after beating Sampdoria 2-0 in the round of 16 (17/12) as well as conquer Frosinone 4-2 on the weekend of 17 Serie A (20/12).

The two parties was touted as an ultimatum made the coach. He would get fired if it failed to win.

However, despite his success, Miha apparently continues to be in a condition threatened seats taken from architect team.

His position not because of President Silvio Berlusconi went sour hated it!

Instead of uplifting the team during the Christmas-New Year holiday, Berlusconi even continued to "terrorize" Mihajlovic.

"This year I've spent 150 million euros. I don't know when Milan will get back on track. So, of course I am angry, "said the boss in a dinner for his political party on 22 December.

This Suggest Conte Nganjuk Agents Leave Italy National Team

Five days later, Berlusconi insulted Miha. What happened when he visited the child in health centers in Trivigliano near Frosinone.

"I know you guys met Milan player players before a match against Frosinone.

I hope you guys say to them how to win. You guys are lucky trained pastor Matteo, "said Berlusconi, quoted as saying La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Compare with Milan coach coaches a team of kids? Berlusconi appears deeply dislike to Mihajlovic.

Just wait for Milan makes one error only when the competition starts again after thenew year.

The slightest mistake, Miha apparently would get kicked!

According To Trend

Conditions that strengthen the trend that Berlusconi never fit in with the foreign coaches.

Since I became President of the Rossoneri in 1986, only Leonardo could lead the team for a full season.

This Suggest Conte Nganjuk Agents Leave Italy National Team

Become a misnomer because Miha actually being able to make Milan enters the holiday Christmas by collecting three points more than at the same moment last season.

Miha winning percentage is also passable. Among the foreign pelatihpelatih in the era of Berlusconi, his record was recorded only from Fatih Terim.

From the players, goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarummamenyatakan the whole team was behind Miha.

"The relationship with the coach. We support each other and the whole team with him, "said 16-year-old player told

Controversial agent, Mino Raiola, hoping Antonio Conte deny the position of Italy's national team after the Euro 2016 and again coached the Club.

Contract trainers aged 46 years with Italy will indeed end on July 31, 2016. He dirumorkan will be back coaching the Club started the season 2015-2016.

Along with Massimiliano Allegri, Conte entered Manchester United's radar. According to Raiola, Conte did have a desire to train the Club's Premier League.

However, the verdict of the Club's very coached Conte is tied to Juventus. According to Raiola, Juventus will still be in the outpost as a club that will be trained Conte.

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"Conte is a great coach. He can go anywhere. However, the club who wants it should give freedom to Conte of expression, "said Raiola told Tuttosport.

"I also will not be surprised if Conte is back coached Juventus again," said agent Paul Pogba from it.

Conte had coached Juventus between 2011 and 2014. He is credited with deliveringthe club won League champions Italy for three consecutive seasons.

In 2014, Raiola had invited Conte to join AC Milan. However, he refused to join despite briefly following the training session twice and chose to train the national team Italy.

After almost 2 years of handling Gli Azzurri, Conte expected Raiola will leave the post when his contract ends.

"I really hope Conte will leave the national team after the Euro 2016. People like Conte could not be regulated by the figure as President of the Federation such as Carlo Tavecchio, "Raiola said again.

Conte is indeed often opposite Italy Football Federation (FIGC). Therefore, Raiola hopes Conte will finish his contract at Barcelona and then returns the handle of the Club.

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