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Pjanic speaking Opportunity to Real Madrid

Bologna coach, Roberto Donadoni, confessed that one of her dreams is currently returning to AC Milan as coach. The thing he ever feel while still being a player.

Donadoni never defended Milan in two periods. 52-year-old coach was first joined the Rossoneri in 1986 to 1996. He was invited to the Major League Soccer Club, MetroStar who is now the New York Red Bulls, before returning to Milan in 1997.

In total, Donadoni has ever defended Milan in 352 matches and 19 goals. Though he was raised by Atalanta, but her love is already hardwired together with the Rossoneri.

Any Donadoni hopes one day he can return to being part of a team of Milan, though the Italian Il Rosso currently precipitously.

"Of course I have the ambition to become a great club coach. Even to this day I still have a special feeling every time runs left the field at the San Siro and received a warm welcome from the Rossoneri fans. All of it makes me cringe, "said Donadoni toldCorriere dello Sport.

Pjanic speaking Opportunity to Real Madrid

About the decline of Milan, Donadoni admitted to no idea about what happens as the main cause. However, the former coach of the national team of Italy it was recalled that the point everyone can not be static and thought with the existing situation.

"I had a chance to speak with President Silvio Berlusconi via phone a few months ago. Honestly, I don't know what happened in Milan, but there are questions you should ask of you directly to them, "Donadoni called.

"I've been doing this job for some years and I realize that all people need to be flexible and adjust to the new situation," he said.

The mainstay AS Roma midfielder, Miralem Pjanic, denied the news that mentions that he will join to the Club giants Real Madrid, Spain.

Lately, rumors about the future of the player's original 25-year Bosnia-Herzegovinabegins to spread.

Thanks to the appearance of impresifnya along with AS Roma, Real Madrid are reportedly interested, he brought Pjanic.

However, when confirmed about it, Pjanic directly refute it. He claims to still want to focus a career alongside Wolf capital.

"Real Madrid? Currently I only focus on the Roma, "said Pjanic, as quoted from La Gazzetta dello Sport, Thursday (31/12/2015).

Pjanic speaking Opportunity to Real Madrid

"We are still struggling to reach quarter-finals. We also still compete in the round of 16 of the Champions League. That's why it is impossible for me to leave Roma at the moment, "said Pjanic continue.

The response to that statement in line with Pjanic his agent, Michael Becker. In fact,the Agency claims to be surprised by the existence of a rumor that.

"These Rumours make me surprised. I don't know where the news was coming. Either his father or Pjanic Roma though, never got in touch with Real Madrid, Barcelonaand other European clubs, "said Becker.

Pjanic join AS Roma from Olympique Lyon in August 2011. New AS Roma shared his contract will expire in June 2018.

From Mario Balotelli's agent, Mino Raiola, assessing her clients often get unjust treatment, especially in terms of racism. Raiola suggested any Trophies to prove its ability to face the doubling it.

During this time, AC Milan striker who was on loan from League career that is less fun. Apart from the controversial stance, Balotelli was often received boos from theirsupporters clubs opposed because of the difference in skin color.

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Pjanic speaking Opportunity to Real Madrid

The Agency adopted any talk about it. He's assess racism is still a big problem in soccer Italy.

"Too many people judge the Trophies. He lives in a country that is not ready to havea black player who was strong, "said Raiola, as quoted from Tuttosport, Thursday (31/12/2015).

"There's still Racism in football. Most people do not realize it. However, I judge theblack players did have to do twice as much from other people to prove their ability, "he said.

Balotelli is not just once or twice only being a victim of racism. Since I was the strengthening of Inter Milan in 2007-2013, Balotelli has always been a taunt worded racism.

Actually quite a lot of other players who have experienced similar treatment as Trophies. Players were among them was Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), Kevin-Prince Boateng (AC Milan and Schalke's ex), and Dani Alves (Barcelona).

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